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KHI - Komunitas Historia Indoesia

Created by adminhistoria on 24 March 2015

Komunitas Historia Indonesia or KHI is a social movement which aims to build awareness of Indonesian nationalism through history and culture education and recreational programs. KHI was founded by Asep Kambali in March 22nd 2003. Vision To build Indonesian nationalism and patriotism. Mission To build history awareness and grow cultural appreciation in order to uphold our country's nationalism through recreational-empirical process, educational and entertaining programs. Member More than 23.500 members of our community consist of students, young executives, housewives, expatriates, academic and other members of the community who share interest in history and culture both in Indonesia and abroad. Get more privilege and discount up to 100% (free) by join us as a member. For further information, Click here! Objectives Motivate the cultural heritage conservation awareness among communities by facilitating people through history education, entertainment programs, and technology innovation; Build network and synergy of conservation among others institutions, mass media, private sectors, and government bodies in local, national and international level; Encourage the conservation action by way of sustainable programs as an important aspect within the physical and nonphysical development. Organization Asep Kambali (Founder / president; Itinerant history teacher; History, museum and heritage communication expert). Rushdy Hoesein (Adviser / Elder member; Senior historian; The expert of Indonesia contemporary history). Yuri Romero (Head of heritage preservation commission; Archaeologist; Conservationist; Sustainable development expert. KHI is supported by many experts in the fields of history, archaeology, anthropology, culture, education, tourism, and entertainment. By these supports, KHI has a great potential as the largest history community in Indonesia which is able to support the field of history and culture on a sustainable development basis. Programs Pilot action on history / culture (heritage) education and preservation with collaboration on recreational, educational and entertainment programs; Development of human resources on historical and cultural field; Database on history and cultural heritage inventory; History-preneur / Heritage-preneur, business development in history and culture. Such as heritage event and tour management (corporate, school and other organization); Museum Communication Management; CSR Implementation Partner Contact Us Headquarters Office 8 Level 18-A, SCBD. Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 52-53, Jakarta Selatan 12190 INDONESIA P. +62.21.2955.2715 | F. +62.21.2955.2714 Basecamp Jl. Mesjid 2 No.6B, Pejompongan, Bendungan Hilir Jakarta Pusat 10210 INDONESIA P. +62.21.7072.3636 M. +62.818.0807.3636 E. W. *music by Martin Garrix

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